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Power to the athletes

You love the game since you remember. You can't even point out the day it all started. Can you? The day it bit you? That passion… where did it come from? It arrived without warning and when you noticed… it had absorbed you.

All of you.

No one gets it. Your friends do not get it. The late practices pouring rain… the smelly clothes dripping drops of sweat… all those night outs you abdicate. You are too anxious to sleep the night before and too excited to talk about anything else the day after. The weekend match! It is the only thing that matters!

It is an addiction. You just want more: more goals, more dribbles, more runs, more shots, more! You start becoming very competitive, you transcend yourself physically and you start doing the unthinkable… what others cannot do. Your performances bring out emotions from those watching. You start producing art! Athletes are like… artists. You are an artist.

Are you showing out like any other artist? The magic you do, those throws from downtown, the hole in one, the game-winning smash, the unbelievable dime… Are they real? Or just a myth?... Who are you? As an artist.

Who are you?
Where are you?
Are you where you belong?
Have you conquered what you imagined?
Do you control your future?
Do the streets know your name?

They will.

Let us help you out.
We will produce magic together.

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